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Hour of interval training on Pitzer -Pomona College football field

When my 21 year old son asked me to drive with him across our beautiful country from Chicago to LA, I jumped at the opportunity to spend time with a very independent and well traveled young man. What I didn't jump at was the eating options along the way.

 Our nation's highways are full of everything that we see at home. Sedentary, overweight people eating greasy, fatty foods in large portions. So what to do when you are a captive of the fast food chains along the rest stops and food courts in the middle of no where?

We did some planning and packed home made sandwiches,fruit and granola bars along with water and juice. We also packed some muffins and other breakfast stuff. 

It's nearly impossible to avoid eating a meal or two in a lousy fast food joint, but with some creative ordering and some advanced planning you can survive a few days on the road.

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