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November 11 - 

I have decided to write a blog. My son has inspired me. He writes a music commentary blog and claims 5,000 readers. What also has inspired me to write is the sorry state and size of the people I see and meet daily.

I am not a maniacle health nut, but we gotta do something about our health and fitness. My profession is Physical Therapist. I have spent the last 25 years observing how the proper exercise and motivation combined with some sane and manageable eating habits can return some of the greatest basketball players to ever play the game (yes I do live in Chicago), amateur athletes, and regular folks like us back to sports, work, and life.

Since rehabilitation of patients' knees, ankles, backs etc is my expertise, I have decided to recruit a group of experts in their respective fields of Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, Motivational Psychology, and Personal Training. Revolution Training Centers is born.

Our goal is to assist all types of folks in improving their health and fitness and creating a lifestyle that is active, sustainable and fun. We take all new-comers, from patients who are dealing with diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular conditions to athletes who want to run a marathon.

The fact is that a majority of our health woes start because we as a society are generally overweight and inactive. No great shocker there. But, the statistics are shocking. Regardless of which set of numbers you read in the US, over 50% of Americans are over their optimal weight, Type 2 diabetes is becoming an epidemic, and most people, including children, don't exercise or perform any vigorous activity more than once a week.

So here I am sitting and writing and wasting both our valuable active time. I would like this inaugural blog to be an invitation and an inspiration. Come join me on a journey.  An active trip toward a fitter and healthier us.

Now, I gotta run.... Let me know what you think and more importantly do!

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Congratulations Randy, everything you wrote is the true that's why I will be join Revolution next year . You will be proud of me. Love Georgina



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