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November 23 - 

Six mile run on the beach of El Salvador with my wife and Rocky, my surfer dog. Twenty laps in the pool and a sunset walk.

As I was enjoying my early morning run, I noticed something interesting. The fishermen, who probably haven't done much of organized exercise except an occasional soccer game, are all lean and muscular. These guys walk along the edge of the surf staring patiently at the waves searching for a tell tale sign of a school of fish at which they toss their weighted nets. This goes on for hours - walk, stand, toss, pull in nets and repeat. Of course they are lean! These fisherman who are quite poor and are simply trying to feed their families live a very healthy active life. And what do they eat? Fish, rice, beans, vegetables and fruit.

Yesterday, I suggested you take a look at your daily eating habits. What do you think? Scary? Confusing? Unfocused? No discipline? All the above? Don't despair, you are not alone. Most of us have no clue what we eat, what we should eat and what we should not. Dr. Daniel Kirschenbaum, PhD in his book, The Wellspring Weight Loss Plan, suggests keeping a log everyday to track your eating habits. He also has great advice regarding cutting out as much fat as possible from your diet. In my words it would be, "why eat fat if you don't want to be fat?"

There are a multitude of theories, fads, Hollywood Star diets and of course you friend who lost fifty pounds eating only the labels off cayenne pepper jars (please stop! Only Joking!). What you need is professional advice from your physician and a certified dietitian. Add in some good common sense and healthy choices and you will be moving in the right direction. You must combine both healthy eating with an active lifestyle to make a true difference. Send me any questions and I will ask the experts at Revolution Training Centers to offer you some good advice. STAY ACTIVE!

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