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November 29 - 

Six mile beach run with Rocky and twenty pool laps, yoga, push ups and sit ups.

I observed a metamorphosis recently. My wife's pal, Liz, has been battling with her weight for years. Liz is in her forties with 2 kids, 4 step kids and a successful business. She also has been suffering from chronic back pain. I sent her to Brian Cole MD, a world famous Orthopedic Surgeon, and he gave her a lot of good advice; but the best suggestion he offered was to lose weight.

Well, Liz lost weight! Big Time! When I observed her at a party, she was not only lean, but dancing and smiling to a very hot Latin beat. I asked her how she accomplished this life changing feat and she beamed while telling me all about her running and swimming six days per week.

I saw a changed person in Liz. Greater confidence, laughing, showing off a very attractive new set of clothes and a new Liz.

I understand lifestyle changes are quite difficult and at times they appear impossible, however, with persistence and plenty of hard work, the results will become evident. Stay Active, My Friend.

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