The Holidays Can Bring Challenges

December 6 - 

Half hour on stair climber, yoga and resistive exercises.

Holiday party time is here and it's hell for us weight controllers and active people. We threw a party last weekend and had a bunch of friends, many of which were in the health, medical or fitness world. I was telling someone about Revolution Training Centers and our goals to guide people to a healthy lifestyle and a friend asked me if I'm doing this because I have had problems with my health. I have lost some weight recently and have increased my activity level but I fortunately have not had any health problems. My guest looked at me a bit suspiciously and politely smiled.

What seems to happen to us active people is that the inactive just don't trust us! They think we "Drank the Cool Aid" or in our case, we didn't drink it, and now we are part of some cult. So, now with the holiday parties challenging us and our friends, and relatives looking at us side ways, how does our active and healthy lifestyle survive?

My wife and I like to have as good a time as anyone but we use some tricks at parties. Dr. Daniel Kirschenbaum, who I have mentioned before says, "Don't drink your calories." Good advice, but how to avoid it? Especially alcoholic drinks which are heavy on calories and obviously will slow up your next morning exercise schedule. My wife likes scotch, so what she does is fill up a big glass with ice, splashes in a little Chivas and then fills the rest with water. She gets the taste, refreshes herself with the ice and fills up on water. Brilliant! I have a little challenge as I enjoy a beer on occasion. So at parties, I will start with a few bottles of water. It’s amazing that people just hate to see you enjoying yourself empty handed but if they see you with any bottle in your hand, they won't bother you.

I have a buddy who goes through extreme measures to keep from drinking as he is a twenty year recovering alcoholic. He invites one of his seven kids to join him at parties and he has a great time under their watchful eyes keeping him from temptation.

Ok, we have figured out the booze challenge, what about the food? What I do is survey the buffet table first and decide which foods are going to work for me. Then, I leave that room and wait for the servers to come around. I find that if I eat the small bite-sized stuff, it keeps me satisfied. If not, then I head over to the previously scanned buffet and I pick the foods that I decided would be best. In other words, I had a game plan and I try to stay with the plan.

Do we all have challenges? Especially around the holidays, of course! For me, the trick is not to just throw away all the hard work I've done all year and say "the hell with it, I'll start again in the New Year." Have fun, enjoy friends and family, and maybe you will convince them that you haven't joined some strange alien group; just a healthy group of active, healthy and happy people. I'm with you. Stay Active, My Friend.

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