Saying "No" More Often

December 10 - 

Three hours of snowboarding on Breckenridge Mountain and forty-five minutes of yoga.

I just read an interesting analogy by the great author, Michael Lewis, famous for his financial crisis books as well as The Blind Side and Money Ball. In Lewis' latest book, Boomerang, he suggests there is a correlation between our habits of buying large homes and cars, sinking into tremendous debt and our serious problems with over eating and obesity. He compares the two problems as the inability to say no. We feel we have the inalienable right to always have what we want right now and no one, including ourselves should say no. 

If you look back in history and you don't need to go too far, you will notice that kings and often queens were rather plump and sedentary. This was considered a sign of prosperity, success and power to sit around all day, eat voluminous amounts of unhealthy, rich food and drink and have others do stuff for you. Well my friends, it looks like we're back to square one!

Let's start acting a little less prosperous. Walk to work, shovel our own driveway, and start saying, "No thank you," more often. Maybe we will lose a bit of our royal status, but we just might lose some pounds as well. Stay Active, My Friend.

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