Prepping For Your Getaway

December 13 - 

Three hours of snowboarding and yoga in the mountains.

Many of us are thinking of getting away after the holiday craziness. Some of you are planning a ski trip, so let's talk perpetration.

Firstly, aerobic fitness is necessary, especially if you are ski/boarding at altitude. Now, the medical fact is that some people get altitude sickness and some don't. There is no proof that fitness level plays a role. If you are concerned, ask your doctor. Regardless of the altitude, you must increase your aerobic capacity by starting off slowly after your physician has cleared you for exercise. You can use any mode of aerobic exercise i.e., walking, running,elliptical, etc. Gradually add more time and resistance as you feel comfortable. If you are short of breath, dizzy or in pain, stop and rest. When you start again, go slower and build up to a realistic level.

Resistive exercise, especially for your legs, is important prior to skiing or boarding. If you have access to equipment, start gradually with light weights and increase weights when you can perform three sets of fifteen repetitions of leg press, leg curls and only do leg extensions to the last fifteen degrees of extension. If you aren't familiar with these exercises, ask a professional for help.

There are many exercises you can do at home. Mini squats: with a chair under you and against a wall, slowly sit in the chair and then raise up. Some like to slide down a wall until they bend their knees forty-five degrees. Another exercise is Lunges: take a step out in front of you and bend that knee in front of you and then slowly stand up straight and switch legs. More advanced exercises are jumping side to side as if your skiing and one leg balancing.

Please remember, don't push yourself beyond your limits and seek professional help from your doctor and other healthcare professionals.

Dress warmly in all that new high tech gear that whisks away your sweat and does not leave you shivering and unhappy.

Safe travels. Stay Active, My Friend.

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