Clearing Those Airport Hurdles

December 14 - 

Denver International Airport. Walked through airport and used stairs.

Traveling over the holidays can be quite a challenge, especially to us active folks. Airports pose even greater hurdles; with delays, waiting, standing around and the ubiquitous unhealthy fast food restaurants. Don't forget to check out O'Briens at O'Hare. They have good salads you can take on the plane.

Here in Denver Airport, we are confronted with the extra problem of modernity. You can practically stand still and allow the many moving sidewalks and escalators carry you to the plane. So choose to be a little creative. Walk alongside the moving sidewalk. You will most likely arrive earlier since most people stand and get in your way. Also, don't forget the stairs rather than the escalator.

The trick is to use your time hanging around the airport to your advantage. Bring some healthy snacks that are easy to transport such as carrots, apples or bananas and take a walk around as you are waiting for your flight. I also suggest walking around the plane during your trip. Many people suffer from DVT (deep vein thrombosis). These are blood clots that can form particularly in your legs while sitting for long periods. So keep moving!

Bon voyage and safe landings. STAY ACTIVE, MY FRIEND.

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