Some Advice From Fred

December 18 - 

Five mile run along Lake Michigan.

As I returned from my run this morning, Fred, the custodial engineer in my building held the door open for me. Probably, I looked like I was too cold or tired to move, but more likely because he is such a happy and friendly guy.

I asked Fred how his battle with diabetes was proceeding and his answer was quite interesting, "I wouldn't know anything about that." I stopped and thought for a second if I had made a mistake, but I was sure he had told me he had diabetes last year. When I questioned him, he said it was completely out of his mind because he had beaten diabetes.

You see, Fred had Type 2 Adult Onset Diabetes which is quite "beatable." When I questioned him how, Fred told me it was tough and he worked hard to exercise daily and control his diet, but in his vernacular, "Do it or Die." It almost sounds like a Nike commercial on steroids!

So take note my fellow exercisers and diet controllers, follow Fred's sage advice. He seems to know what he's talking about. Stay Active, My Friends.

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