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Targeting Stairs

December 27 - 

Five mile run and yoga.

You may recall a few weeks ago, I suggested looking for the stairs when possible to add some more activity to your day. Many buildings and stores hide the stairs. They not only hide them, but often lock, alarm and poorly light them as well.

While Christmas shopping at Target the other day, I received an early gift; a well marked, brightly painted and lighted, wide set of stairs. The only complaint I can offer was that the stairs were deserted. I guess no one in Target that day read my blog.

During my otherwise very positive shopping experience, I did notice a few happy shoppers who could have taken advantage of a few minutes of stair climbing. Yes, that would be all of us. So take some time from your busy shopping schedule and find those hidden gems of activity opportunities and enjoy a different type of holiday cheer.


Add Exercise To Your Schedule!

December 26 - 

Half hour on Stair Master and yoga.

I haven't blogged in a week and I am trying to squeeze my exercise into less available time. Sounds familiar? We all have busy schedules, especially around the holidays and the end of the year. Work, family, dinners and parties seem to gain preference over our healthy eating, exercise and active lifestyle.

With the new year coming up and all those resolutions you plan to make, try instead to plan your exercise and healthy eating into your day. We don't hesitate scheduling work and friends into our smart phones, so now let's also schedule exactly when and where we will exercise and eat.

I find that when I put these events in my calendar and set aside exact times and places, it is then part of my agenda for the day and my exercise becomes another normal part of my busy schedule. If we don't plan for this exercise in our schedule, you know exactly what occurs. We tend to fill up our day and then attempt to find time which often does not happen and we lose another opportunity to exercise.

Early morning I find is best for me. I know many of you are not early risers but the benefits are compelling. Starting your day with exercise, charges your batteries and gets you pumped up for the day. I use my running as an hour of solitude to work on solutions to challenges, planning a meeting or just allowing my mind to wander and decompress. Another benefit is one less shower and clothes change which saves me an hour in my day. I find after an hour of exercise I don't eat a large breakfast and a bagel, fruit and orange juice just feels better.

Exercising early will keep all the craziness of your day from stealing the precious time we all need daily for exercise. Try it and let me know. Notice the smile and your face at the end of the day when you realize you already exercised. STAY ACTIVE, MY FRIEND.

Some Advice From Fred

December 18 - 

Five mile run along Lake Michigan.

As I returned from my run this morning, Fred, the custodial engineer in my building held the door open for me. Probably, I looked like I was too cold or tired to move, but more likely because he is such a happy and friendly guy.

I asked Fred how his battle with diabetes was proceeding and his answer was quite interesting, "I wouldn't know anything about that." I stopped and thought for a second if I had made a mistake, but I was sure he had told me he had diabetes last year. When I questioned him, he said it was completely out of his mind because he had beaten diabetes.

You see, Fred had Type 2 Adult Onset Diabetes which is quite "beatable." When I questioned him how, Fred told me it was tough and he worked hard to exercise daily and control his diet, but in his vernacular, "Do it or Die." It almost sounds like a Nike commercial on steroids!

So take note my fellow exercisers and diet controllers, follow Fred's sage advice. He seems to know what he's talking about. Stay Active, My Friends.

Clearing Those Airport Hurdles

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Prepping For Your Getaway

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Saying "No" More Often

December 10 -  Three hours of snowboarding on Breckenridge Mountain and forty-five minutes of yoga. I just read an interesting analogy by the great author, Michael Lewis, famous for his financial... More »

The Holidays Can Bring Challenges

December 6 -  Half hour on stair climber, yoga and resistive exercises. Holiday party time is here and it's hell for us weight controllers and active people. We threw a party last weekend and had... More »

Put Some Pep In Your Step

November 29 -  Six mile beach run with Rocky and twenty pool laps, yoga, push ups and sit ups. I observed a metamorphosis recently. My wife's pal, Liz, has been battling with her weight for years... More »

Choosing Vacations

November 26 -  Six mile run with Rocky, until he ran off to chase chicks! Twenty laps in pool. How do you choose your vacations? Do you even take time away? Many don't, due to lack of funds, lack... More »

What Motivates You?

November 24 - Happy Thanksgiving! Six mile run on beach with my wife and Rocky, 15 laps in pool, 2 beach walks. (Needed to increase activity level before the big feast!) So what motivates you? What gets... More »

Daily Eating Habits

November 23 -  Six mile run on the beach of El Salvador with my wife and Rocky, my surfer dog. Twenty laps in the pool and a sunset walk. As I was enjoying my early morning run, I noticed something... More »

Nothing Active Is Insignificant

November 22 -  Six mile walk-run-walk on a Central American beach with my wife and dog. I mention my activity to keep me on my goals, my location because choosing your heaven on earth keeps me motivated,... More »

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Seasonal Sweets

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I've Been Inspired

November 11 -  I have decided to write a blog. My son has inspired me. He writes a music commentary blog and claims 5,000 readers. What also has inspired me to write is the sorry state and size of... More »


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