From Our Founder, Freddie Wolner

Welcome to Revolution Physical Therapy Weight Loss. Whether you are a new client or just browsing through our website, we are always excited to meet new Revolutionaries! The commitment it takes to make such a significant change and dedication to follow through is considerable, so congratulations. Thank you for placing your confidence in our team. You will quickly find out that helping you achieve the results that you deserve is our passion and top priority.

Revolution Physical Therapy Weight Loss was founded after years of experience, observation, and research with clients just like you, who in some cases, struggled almost their entire life to manage their health and fitness. All of the research points in the same direction. The number one common denominator in patients who have successfully lost weight, and kept it off for at least three years, was moving their bodies every day of the week and a balanced nutrition plan that included sensible portions and reasonable proportions of the macronutrients: protein, dietary fat, and carbohydrates.

While that might sound a little too commonsensical, in the 50 billion dollar marketplace that makes up the weight loss industry, you rarely see any reasonable exercise programs paired with healthy eating approaches.  Instead, the market is flooded with products and services that promise drastic results over a short period of time. Or, solutions that can help you to lose weight, only to gain it back again, forcing the clients to re-enroll in the programs again and again.

Therefore, we have designed what I like to call a “recipe for success.” We provide you with all the basic tools to learn how to become healthy with a safe, effective, efficient, and long term approach. Some clients don’t know what to do, others do not know how to do it, and mostly everyone has difficulty adhering to the programs they start. We have solutions to every roadblock that you might encounter. We have put together a team of professionals that can help you no matter what unique challenges you might face. Whether your needs lie in the nutrition, exercise, or adherence portion of your program; our team is always available if you need additional guidance. Your feedback is critical to your success so please let us know where you need help.

By now, you probably realize that there is no magic pill. Our medical approach and metabolic analysis will give us the opportunity to create the most efficient program specific to your body. Together with that, we help you to understand the phases of change when making a commitment to become healthier. We know in advance that motivation can come and go. Motivation Managers trained to help you navigate through that will help ensure that minor lapses do not turn into relapses so you can achieve your health and fitness goals.

So, once again, congratulations and best of luck. It is an honor to be able to provide you with the highest level of fitness services in a wonderful, stress-free environment.

With our common goals in mind,


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