iStock_000015450812XSmall.jpgYour Registered Dietitian will design a customized nutrition program with you based on your unique health and fitness goals. This program will enable you to adopt healthy eating habits so that you can pursue an ongoing course of weight control.

Along with private one-on-one sessions, your Dietitian can provide ongoing support via telephone, email and Skype during normal business hours. 

Topics to be addressed:

Understanding Your Metabolism

Your Registered Dietitian will explain the results from the Resting Metabolic Rate Test. These results will help determine your caloric needs and develop a customized meal plan based on your unique metabolism.

Nutrition 101

During this nutrition review, you will learn about the macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and dietary fat), and better inderstand the biological need for each. You will also review nutrient timing and the effect of exercise on your nutrition plan.

Food Journals 

Keeping a detailed food journal is extremely helpful in tracking energy consumption and caloric intake. During this session, you will learn how to keep an easy, accurate food journal.

Portion Control 

Your Registered Dietitian will use food models and other visual techniques to help you understand healthy portions.

Nutrition Label Reading

You will learn how to read a food label and what to look for in order to make informed, healthy choices.

Shopping Tours

Your Registered Dietitian will take you on a shopping trip to help you learn how to choose nutritious, affordable, and delicious food.

Culinary Evaluations

During this segment, you will learn how to prepare foods that are simple, nutritious and healthy.

Menu Evaluations

Your Registered Dietitian will help you make the best food choices at your favorite restaurants, allowing you to enjoy dining out.

Contingency Planning

You will learn how to better handle schedule changes, food challenges, holidays, and social events to ensure your healthy eating stays on track.

Lapse vs. Relapse

You will work closely with your Dietitian and Motivation Manager to ensure that temporary setbacks do not affect your commitment to change.


Special dietary considerations will be discussed for specific medical challenges, including:

  • Pre-Diabetes/Type 2 Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • High Cholesterol
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Food Allergies & Intolerances

See Preparing for Your Visit for helpful location information.

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